Andreas Hadjiloucas


Andreas brings many years of experience on construction sites and in other sectors of the company. He is a member of ETEK and he sets the goal of consolidating the company as one of the top quality construction companies in the sector.

Theognosia Hadjiloucas

Office Clerk

Theognosia is one of the founders of Hadjiloucas Constructions. She helps the team with various office tasks and always finds solutions to problems.

Georgia Charalambous

Office Clerk

Georgia has experience working in professional office positions. She has the skill offering solutions to problems with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Chrystalla Charalambous


Chrystalla has a degree in Journalism. She has the perfect balance between numbers and organization. She is passionate and quick with her work and duties.

Christina Theofanous

Creative Director

Christina has a degree in photography and audio-visual arts. She manages and updates the Hadjiloucas Constructions social media and website. She is creative with very good design skills.